Welcome to the Wind Symphony!

Director: Casey Alvarado
Assistant: Sara McGarry, Billy Leo
Period: 1st
Conference Period: 11:00 – 11:46 AM
E-Mail address: casey.alvarado@austinisd.org

Sectional Schedule

The sectional schedule for the school year is as follows. Variations to this schedule may be announced in class, so good listening in class is a must!

Morning sectionals take place from 7:25 am-8:05 am on the respective day.

Afternoon sectionals take place from 3:40 pm-4:20 pm on the respective day.

  • You must be on time to every sectional or points will be deducted from your sectional attendance grade
  • There is always an attendance grade for every sectional we have, and throughout the year, additional playing tests will be conducted during that time.
  • If you need to miss a sectional for a doctor’s appointment, etc., notice must be provided to Mrs. Alvarado at least a week in advance followed with a doctor’s note or parent note after the absence.
  • Lack of transportation to sectionals is NOT an excuse to miss. A condition of the students participation in the Wind Symphony is that all students attend all sectionals and rehearsals as per the agreement contract signed previously. Please arrange transportation ahead of time.
Day Time Instrument Room Teacher
Low Brass / Reed 805 Mrs. Alvarado
Horn / Alto 716 Mr. Leo
Mrs. Alvarado
Flute / Oboe 716 Mrs. McGarry
Clarinet 803 Mrs. Alvarado
Percussion 805 Mr. Leo

Uniform Information

    • Black slacks
    • White long sleeved tuxedo shirt (white buttons, wing collar, pleated front panel — can be purchased at Men’s Warehouse in Sunset Valley)
    • Solid black socks/hose and solid black shoes
    • Bow tie and cummerbund (to be provided)