Welcome to the Symphony Band!

Director: Billy Leo
Assistants: Sara McGarry, Casey Alvarado
Period: 4th
Conference Periods: 8:25 – 9:16 AM
E-Mail address: william.leo@austinisd.org



  1. Uniform – Black slacks; white long sleeve tuxedo shirt (white buttons, wing collar, pleated front panel–can be found at Men’s Warehouse in Sunset Valley); plain white under shirt; black socks/hose and solid  black dress shoes.  Bow tie and cummerbund will be provided to complete this uniform.
  2. Help raise funds toward cost of out-of-town performances.  We will be taking a trip to San Antonio in the Spring and the estimated cost of this trip is $130.
  3. Combination Lock for instrument lockers (no key locks will be permitted).
  4. Instrument (if not using a school instrument) and all materials/equipment as needed for your instrument.
  5. Mechanical pencil – must be brought to ALL rehearsals.
  6. A.I.S.D. Solo/Ensemble Contest solo entries – Students will need to hire a pianist for $20.00 (this is required). Contest entry fees will be paid with band activity funds.


  1. Private Lessons – The optional expense of private lessons is strongly encouraged for Symphony Band members. We will be continuing our private lesson program at Bailey.  For your convenience, lessons are offered at Bailey in addition to local music stores and directly through private teachers.  Please check our website for more information.  This is a great way to improve your playing!!  (It is also one of the best assurances that you will advance the following year.)


  1. Attend  all performances of the Bailey Symphony Band, including, but not limited to, the Bailey Winter and Spring Concerts, the A.I.S.D. River City Band Festival, Pre – U.I.L., U.I.L. Concert and Sightreading Contest, solo and ensemble, and the San Antonio band festival.  The Symphony Band is a performance-based organization. All class related work leads to the ultimate goal of performance excellence. All these events will be part of the students’ band grade.
  2. Attend all sectional and full ensemble rehearsals.  Information concerning extra rehearsals will be e-mailed/sent home with your child prior to the scheduled event.
  3. Have a good attendance record at school. We need everyone, everyday!
  4. Be prompt to and from all band functions.  Lateness will result in lower participation grades. A calendar of the year’s activities will be distributed in August.  A minimum of two week’s notice from parents is needed if a scheduled event must be missed.  It will be the director’s decision as to whether to excuse the absence. A conflicting event which is scheduled after a performance was scheduled will not be considered a valid reason to miss.  Please do not hesitate to call if there is a question or conflict. You can also check the band’s calendar online at www.baileyband.org.


  1. Homework:  Practice a minimum of 20 minutes every evening. A daily at home practice routine is essential to your child’s success in band.
  2. Materials:  Take home and bring to class each day your instrument, music, and a mechanical pencil.
  3. Assessments:  Students will be assessed on their performance of musical excerpts reviewed in class and practiced at home.
  4. Class participation:  Students will also be assessed on class participation and compliance with directions and expectations.  In AISD, effort creates ability; therefore all students are expected to give their best effort at all times for the benefit of themselves and our band.
  5. Any sectionals that are held are required attendance and will be graded. Failure to attend a sectional will result in a diminished grade.


  1. Maintain a passing average in ALL courses (refer to “no pass, no play”).
  2. Exhibit exemplary behavior at all times while with the band: no inappropriate talking, exhibit proper posture, consistent attendance, pleasant attitude, etc.  Good behavior will be expected in all classes, with no referrals, ISS, or suspensions (refer to “no pass, no play”). High standards and hard work produce excellence, a description synonymous with the Bailey Band!  Please do not hesitate to call when there is a question or conflict.


  1. Students are required to attend sectionals either before or after school once per week (this will not be every week during the school year) for their specific section of the band.
  2. Sectionals are for enhancing specific fundamentals to each instrument, which will be performed by and graded for each student.