Welcome to the Jazz Band!

Director: Billy Leo
Period: 7th, Spring Semester only
Time: 1:54 – 2:40 PM
Conference Period: 2:44 – 3:30 PM
E-Mail address: william.leo@austinisd.org

Jazz Band - Bailey Band

What is Jazz Band?

Jazz Band is a unique class that allows students with musical knowledge to expand into new areas of musical style and interests. This is only a 2nd semester class, and provides the students with a foundation knowledge of jazz.

How do I get signed up?

Students with a minimum of one year experience on their instrument are eligible to join. Band director approval is required to enroll in this course. To become a member of the Jazz Ensemble, you must have your choice sheet signed by Mr. Ortega.


Jazz band is a group that performs at some scheduled school events and the Spring Concert. The dress for all events on campus: Bailey Band Shirt (provided), black pants, black socks, and black shoes. Dress for concerts is same as formal band uniform.

The Jazz Band is a community service organization, so we are called many times at the last minute to play. Flexibility is a must!