The Bailey Band is comprised of seven bands. Since the school’s opening in 1993, the Bailey Band has been the recipient of various awards and honors, including the prestigious Sudler Silver Cup. For more detailed information on the various bands that Bailey Middle School has to offer, including any additional expenditures or requirements, click on the links below. Also be sure to check out our Band Booster page as well as our uniforms and supplies pages.


While learning to play an instrument provides pleasure for students, being involved in instrumental music is an enriching cultural, social and educational experience. A great deal of self-discipline is developed by the mastery of a musical instrument and it provides an emotional outlet for the student. Band is currently the largest elective at Bailey with band students being the leaders in academic achievement, school spirit, and club activities. While the benefits are many, learning to play an instrument is hard work and demands commitment and dedication. Remember to Practice!

PARENTS! Many of you ask…”How can we help?”

The best assistance you can give us is monitoring the 20 minutes of nightly QUALITY practice that every Bailey Band student is required to do.  Strong individual players make a strong band.

Learn more about the various bands at Bailey Middle School by selecting a band.